Borvo Resort Condo Golf & Spa

Borvo; In the old Celtic Development (Welsh and British) mineral and hot water supply equipment comes. It is known that the Borvo god lived in Southern France and Bolu Abant region.

Our facility is located in Kilözü Dağ locality in Bolu Province, Mudurnu District. 8 Km from Kilözü Mudurnu. It is 23 km from Abant Lake. After the new mountain road to be opened, this distance is 9 km. ye will be shortened.

As Aben Group, we have a land of 410 acres belonging to our company. Our Borvo Resort Condo Golf & Spa facility is built on a total of 180 decares of land. Finding a place at an altitude of 1025 meters, full of forests on four sides, forests on four sides, overlooking Lake Abant about the north, and our customer, Mudurnu District.



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