Spa Treatments are an alternative treatment method that has been used by people for centuries. While some underground waters emerge from the ground layers to the earth, many minerals, electrolytes, gases, radio activity and organic substances become mixed with the heat they carry and gain the feature of healing water.

According to the physical, chemical and organic properties of these waters, they are examined within the scope of the discipline of “Medical Ecology and Medical Hydro-Climatology” as the healing waters that can benefit from bathing, drinking and inhalation (by inhalation).

Currently; This feature and importance continues to increase. We should benefit from this beautiful alternative treatment offered by nature to us, under more modern and technical conditions. As our country, we should evaluate these treatment resources that are benefited by healthy people as well as sick people. Spa treatments should not be done as usual and as usual. Patients should be added to a physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist, medication, exercise, massage, diet, psychotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments, if necessary, to the cure treatment program to be given after the consultant physician examination.

We will examine the hot spring (bath) treatments part of these healing waters. Adding medicines, physical therapy, exercise, diet, psychotherapy and rehabilitation treatments to water cures in order to fully benefit from spa treatments ensures sufficient results from the intended medical treatment. The therapeutic feature of healing waters; It has been observed that the dissolved minerals, gases and radioactivity in the water cause positive changes in the whole body metabolism as a result of absorption through the skin. It is thought to be the result of increased blood circulation, facilitated excretion of toxic substances, acceleration of metabolism, provision of impaired electrolyte mineral balance in the body, stimulation of the nervous system and hormonal system due to the temperature of the water and environmental factors.

Purpose in Spa Cures

Increasing body resistance, improving the general condition, reducing the patient’s complaints, eliminating the symptoms of the disease, preventing permanent damage. In providing these beneficial effects; Increasing body movement ability, acceleration of preferential circulation, resolution of muscle spasms, relief of pain, complete or partial recovery of the anatomical disorder.

In Which Conditions and Diseases Are Spa Treatments Applied?

After the determination of the diseases and patients who will benefit from the spa treatment by the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist, whether these patients can receive spa treatment or not, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Dermatology, Eye, K.B.B. Bevliye and Obstetricians make their examinations and make a decision. If there is no harm found by these specialists, arthritis, inflammatory rheumatism, soft tissue rheumatism, mechanical back and neck problems, painful pictures due to working conditions and environment, orthopedic problems, fracture sequelae, surgical complications, sports injuries, some muscle diseases, problems related to neurological damages. They benefit from spa treatments.

Spa Treatments Not Applied In Which Conditions And Diseases

Spa treatments may be inconvenient during very painful inflammatory periods, which we call acute period. The time, duration and form of the patients who need spa treatment should be determined according to the laboratory and x-ray examination of the specialist.

Patients with rheumatism whose acute period is not over, heart, circulatory system disorder with severe anemia, high blood pressure, diabetes patients whose sugar level cannot be adjusted, all cancer patients, all acute and chronic infection patients, patients with bleeding tendency, pregnant and puerperal patients, etc. Spa treatments cannot be done. It is recommended that the patient, who is recommended spa treatment by performing clinical and laboratory examinations by the specialist physician, strictly adhere to the treatment programs and consult the physician in case of any problem.

Duration of Spa Treatments

A spa cure is adopted in our country as 21 days. However, this period is reduced to two weeks or one week for socio-economic reasons. However, the first week is the period when a thermal crisis occurs. In order for the cure to reach the expected goal, it should not be less than three weeks, even in rehabilitation patients, this period can be extended up to 5-6 weeks. Except for the mineral electrolytes and radiation properties they contain, the water temperatures of the spa waters should be adjusted between 33-42C. Bath time or soaking time varies between 5 and 20 minutes. The duration of stay in water should not exceed 20 minutes. Staying in water for hours can be more harmful than good.

Things to Consider in Spa Treatment

As a rule, cure treatment should be done once a day, preferably in the morning, after a light breakfast. During the Spa Treatment, light nutritious foods should be taken and rest should be taken once a week. Since the effect of the bath lasts for 48 hours, undesirable incompatibility reactions may occur in bath cures taken twice a day as a result of the accumulation of the effect.